Week 1

We are 1 week in people!

We have been social…

Lads night out. Went to see Star Wars again. Just as awesome 2nd time around.

We are also all on a bit of a health kick. Which is a great motivator!

Everyone around me seems to have joined a gym or has started a new diet or changed their lifestyle. And I love that about January! I love that everyone tries harder at being healthy.

My brother-in-law Dan has gone back to the gym and is clued up on things like protein and supplements. He has lost 12 lbs in week 1. What an achievement!

Tom has started his fitness plan from The Body Coach and he is so in the zone right now. HIIT training and clean eating. And the food he’s been cooking has looked and smelled delicious. He’s had the doms though…

Hayley has started Slimming World and I have to admit I’ve been really thinking about joining myself. We’ve been talking about how it works and meal ideas all week and I actually think I could do it.

As much as I know Weight Watchers works for me, I sort of feel that it’s a new year and I need to try something different; a new set of rules to aid me on my diet quest.

This week I have eaten quite well. I had the slimming world ideals in mind whilst I was planning my meals. It wasn’t a 100% to the book but it was close.

Meals this week have included:

Nando’s BBQ Chicken with Wholegrain Mexican Rice

Baked Sweet Potato, ranch salad, corn on the cob, tomatoes and steak spritzed with lemon juice (which is my new favourite thing to do with steak!)

Oh and then there was my Auntie Angela’s 50th Birthday meal which was delicious! Treat day.

Slow cooked beef on creamed potatoes and roasted winter vegetables with a port reduction. Followed by chocolate orange bread and butter pudding.

Have been to the gym twice which is better than nothing! (Needed it after all that extravagance) Focusing on cardio right now to shift this weight so just did treadmill and bike.

And as a result… 4 lbs off! Happy days!

15 stone 7.5 lbs 



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