Week 2

This week has been all about the kitchen.

I’ve been researching recipes to move my cooking into new and exciting places. Mostly aided by the queen of my kitchen (no, not me)…

Simply Nigella is a great book. I do love Nigella and of course I cook from her books. But they are also a great read. And lately I’ve found myself just reading from them and doing less of the actual cooking.

But do you see all those post its? I have been through Simply and marked everything I want to cook and eat!

So far I’m 2 recipes in and they are 2 recipes that I will cook for the rest of my life! Yes, that good. In December I made this…

Which we really shouldn’t be thinking about let alone talking about! Just pretend I didn’t mention it.

One triumph from Simply is the Oat Pancakes. We’ve had them twice for breakfast this week. Really healthy and really filling.

They are quite dry. It’s because they are made from porridge oats and oats absorb moisture. Nigella has them with raspberries cooked in honey which sounds lovely, but in an effort to make my breakfast even more filling I went for the scrambled eggs option. And for extra moisture… Maple syrup. Obvs.

You can find Nigella’s recipe here

FYI I left out the cinnamon because I’m not a fan and I cooked them in butter.

Staying on the oat trail I tried my hand at Overnight Oats.

Simple principle. Porridge oats soaked overnight in the fridge. I used fat free yogurt with a little vanilla extract. Thought it best to start plain.

The flavour was nice. The oats were soft as desired. But the texture was just too odd for me. Very cold. Very sloppy. Not to my liking. I may try it again with a Muller Lite to see if that makes a difference. Watch this space!

Food this week included:

Sweet potato wedges, crispy red ‘onion-rings’, salad and a burger made from mince beef formed into patties and using portobello mushrooms as the bun! Dairylea Lite cheese slices were a treat!

And Turkey Meatballs with spinach and feta in a Butternut Squash Marinara sauce. Eaten with a jacket potato. Divine.

And the results… 2.5 lbs off!

15 stone 5 lbs



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