Week 3

Weigh day was yesterday. I weighed. I gained 2 lbs. I wasn’t happy.

I know what happened. Despite my efforts at the gym (which I’m quite pleased with I must say) I over indulged in the food department.

The meals were good:

Steak doused in lemon juice with mash, green beans, spinach and some pepper sauce.

Chicken Teryaki made for lunch at work. Served with Uncle Ben’s.

Chicken in red wine sauce with slow cooked carrots and mashed potato.

Lunch the next day was leftovers with an extra veg steam pack.

Chicken in black bean sauce with egg fried rice.

All looks good and sounds healthy right? But what you’re not seeing are the loaves of garlic bread and garlic dough balls that we ate with them.

I’ve also had days at work where I’ve been majorly snacking. And it all comes down to this simple fact.

The days that I don’t have eggs for breakfast, I’m hungry. 

And on these days I’ve been having extra bags of Pom Bears, extra packets of Belvita’s, banana chips covered in yogurt (which sounds a lot healthier than it actually is!) not to mention the new red velvet sandwich biscuits that were on offer in tesco.

As I type this I can very clearly see why I gained 2 lbs.

But that was yesterday. And coz I was quite bummed about the gain I went for a great walk with my friends Rhian and Val. That burned 290 calories. Happy days.

I also had a great food day yesterday which included a strawberry sorbet for dessert made in our new Nutrition Mixer!

Absolutely loving it. So far have made a strawberry and banana smoothie with coconut water and chia seeds.

A strawberry, banana and mango smoothie with skimmed milk and chia seeds.

A strawberry, banana and blueberry smoothie with coconut water and chia seeds (no photo sorry)

And a Hot Chocolate Blast which is made from banana, almond butter, cacao powder, oats, vanilla extract and almond milk. Served hot.

Completely slammed the gym today too. 25 mins of interval training on the bike and 40 mins fast walking uphill on the treadmill. 548 calories. Boom.

And as a result… I’ve lost the 2 lbs I put on! So basically I stayed the same. Feeling much better about it all now. Was quite frustrated with myself yesterday. Disappointed. Never mind. Back on it now.

15 stone 5 lbs 

Lindsay is an inside joke btw.



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