Week 4

What a week it’s been!

Started with the clearing out of the shop ready for the refit.
Also we got treated to a meal by our boss Simon. We went to the Beefeater. Would’ve been rude to say no. Although I did just about miss the Pop-bullet. I actually ordered Diet Coke but then quickly changed my mind to water. Diet Coke is for some reason my default restaurant setting.

I had the double chicken piri piri. It was lovely. Quite hot! My sweet corn shot off my plate at one point though. Standard.

And this is me and Jess happy coz we were about to eat!

Unfortunately, the rest of the week I’ve been ill. It has been very unpleasant. It was only a cold but I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t eat much just couldn’t face anything.

I did try these though. Body Coach Potato Rostis. They are just a grated potato mixed with an egg and salt and pepper. Fried in coconut oil. I had them with a chicken breast. Really liked them. I recommend!

I haven’t photographed any other food this week so it can’t have been worthy. And I haven’t been to the gym at all. Purely coz of the cold. I feel yuck tonight. Slovenly.

Doesn’t help that we had a Chinese take away for food. Crispy beef. It was lovely and I don’t regret it. I do regret the Crunch bar for dessert. Half a bar actually. But it really did make me feel a bit sick. Live and learn. Tomorrow is a new week.

Here is my most recent Amazon purchase. Look at the healthy!!

Have only tried the cacao powder so far. Had it in a mocha and it was delightful. Will keep you posted on the rest!

Tomorrow we start our training in Swansea for the week. Unsure how this I going to affect diet and exercise. Not sure how long the days will be or how tiring. I hope to gym I really do. I miss it!

But despite that, this week I lost 1 lb! Which brings me to…

15 stone 4 lbs

Slowly getting there. 1 stone to go to get to where I was at my smallest last year.





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