Weeks 7 & 8

So I missed Week 7. Apologies. I was busy eating everything in sight and not exercising.


Week 8 however, Week 8 is one I am proud of. I have been gym-ing it and have been My Fitness Pal-ing my food intake. I am feeling positive. I am feeling in the zone. I am feeling great.

Gym Selfie!

This greatness, however, is not present on the scales. I have been weighing and checking whats going on down there… and nothing. I am still circling the 15 stone 5 lbs drain. Not happy with that.

Nor can I see any change in how my clothes fit. Yet. So the whole plateau thing where you’re not losing weight but you’re losing inches… yeah that’s not working out for me.

However, I am feeling awesome. Feeling good about the exercise. Fitting it in well with work. Pushing myself further with my cardio which is mainly interval training* on the bike for about 20 mins followed by 35 mins on the treadmill on a high gradient walking fast. Can’t run on there yet. Don’t feel safe. I feel like Miranda at the gym. What can go wrong, will.

*A note on interval training on the bike. It’s a bastard. It’s really hard. Your legs feel like jelly afterwards and you sweat like mad. But in a good way.


Managing my calorie intake well. I don’t exclude anything from my diet if I want it. Obviously some days are better than others in that department. Today though has been excellent. Feeling full with lots of calories left.

Helpful Subway tip – Southwest sauce. Divine. Combine with Sweet Onion… hello from the other side!

I also have a tip which I discovered today… I had a skinny flat white from Costa before the gym and the caffeine really helped me work out harder!! Am thinking of getting some caffeine tablets from Holland and Barrett to give me that boost. Green Tea tablets are supposed to have this affect so sign me up!

Chicken Chipolatas! Revelation.



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