Week 9

And what a week it’s been… exercise wise! I know, right?

So I’ve been going to the gym now most days for the last few weeks. Really back in the zone and loving it. Feeling great and actually have upped my game.

A few evenings ago I was alone at the gym. It was about 8.30pm and it closes at 9pm. So I was only there for a quick bit of treadmill action.

I got on and started my usual walking at about 6K per hour on a gradient of 6%. I normally start here and up the gradient until I am sweating like mad and out of breath. I usually do this for 30 mins before a 5 min cool-down.

But not on that night, oh no. I felt the same sensation that I had felt a couple of years ago when I used to go walking with my folks…

We used to walk fast. And I mean fast. Fast enough that if we were talking we were having trouble breathing. Anyway, it got to a point back then where I discovered that my body wasn’t satisfied walking this fast any more. It just wasn’t fast enough. So I started to jog.

At first it was just for bursts of 30 seconds because I didn’t know how to pace myself jogging. My body was used to pushing itself to the fastest possible walking speed and so naturally when it turned into a jog, it actually turned into a run. I don’t run. Running is hard.

Once my body learned how to pace itself, I began to follow my usual walking route but jogging for intervals at a time. At first a minute, then maybe two, then five… and then of course one stopped exercising. And once you stop, your fitness levels drop significantly.

Anyway, the other night on the tread alone at the gym, my body felt that same sensation where the waking just wasn’t fast enough anymore. And so I started to jog. Nothing too mad, I was still on the 6% gradient, though it could have been higher. I did a couple of minutes before going back to walking. I did this for the remainder of my workout. Yay!

Have finally conquered fear of jogging on treadmill. I’m still waiting for that day that I fall off it. It will happen.

Since then though, my dear reader friends, I have continued to push myself. I have left the tread on 0 gradient. I feel that’s wise for now. I have so far achieved a few different ratios of walking and jogging. At 7 km per hour:

5 min walk, 5 min jog for 30 min followed by 5 min cool down

I did this on two consecutive days.

2 min walk, 4 min jog for 30 min followed by 5 min cool down

I did this only once because today I was too busy faffing with my gym playlist and checking in at the gym on Facebook; I didn’t notice that I had gone passed the 2 min walk. And also this was upped to 7.2 km per hour.

3 min walk, 7 min jog, 2 min walk, 8 min jog, 2 min walk, 8 min jog followed by 5 min cool down

I am very proud of myself for achieving the jog I did today. Not only because they were quite decent amounts of time for someone of my fitness level, but also because I wasn’t horrendously out of breath or anything! Though I was rather sweaty, it was the good kind of sweaty.

So in conclusion, I am feeling good, feeling accomplished and feeling positive. Fitness is on the up and hopefully I will continue to improve!

Probably worth mentioning that I have been having 2 rest days each week. And also I have not lost any weight, nor can I notice a change in the way my clothes fit. But I am feeling so much better!!


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