Week 10

I finally lost weight! 2 lbs off! Brings me to 15 stone 2 lbs.

Have come to the conclusion however that whilst I still am trying to lose weight, it will be a bi-product of my new healthier lifestyle.

Weight-loss will NOT mean that I am cutting out carbs or only eating white meat. I will NOT deprive myself of anything that I want.

I will continue to allow myself 2500 calories a day because that is what’s recommended for an adult male. I’ve tried cutting it down and it only leads to me going over that allowance and feeling like a failure.

So! Will not feel like failure anymore. Will focus on exercising as part of my life and not a means to an end. Will eat lovely food that will include carbs and chocolate… But of course will be in moderation. And will lose weight.

Watch me.



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  1. Great job! Keep it up and GET IT!


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