Week 12

Oh Lord. It’s Easter. No point in denying it or even skirting around it. Chocolate has triumphed. 

I asked my mum not to get me an egg this year. How good am I!? I sort of thought she’d end up getting me one anyway but thankfully she didn’t. Go me!! However…

In an effort to surprise my other half I ordered him this online… 

And it was a successful surprise! I was at the gym when he text me saying I had a package delivered. I told him it was for him and to open it. So that was nice! Brownie points (or should that be cookie points!?)

Anywho, I’ve helped him out and eaten a massive chunk of it. Like I keep going back for more. It’s that good. Well done Millie!! Bad Mike. 

Also, we went round my folks’ house for Easter lunch. It was lovely and had a great time. Food was healthy too so happy days. However…

I made this for us all to have for dessert…

Yes it’s a strawberry cake. Yes it was divine. Moist even. We polished most of it off which means it was a definite success, but I have brought home about a quarter. A large quarter. So hopefully I’ll have some guests tomorrow who will eat the rest for me!

Back to the gym tomorrow morning after a brief baby-sit for my sister. Need to work off all this sugar!!!!! 

I have not weighed. There was no point. Trust me. 

How about some gratuitous baking shots? Makes a nice change! 

Happy Easter!! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. anisakazemi says:

    soooooo pretty!!!!!


    1. mikehonour says:

      Thank you! It was lovely.

      Liked by 1 person

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