Week 13 

This week I have continued my gym journey. I’ve started using Run Keeper again. I used it a lot whilst on walks and jogs with family and friends back when I lost my weight. 
My plan is to record my runs in Run Keeper so that I can keep track of how far I’m running. I feel this will be a good thing to measure and see progress. And in turn will give me a boost when looking over the week’s exercise. 


Week 13’s Run Stats

Monday 28/03/16

38 mins
4.08 km

409 calories 
Tuesday 29/03/16

40 Mins


449 Calories

8.57 Average 
Wednesday 30/03/16

Rest Day
Thursday 31/03/16 


55 Mins 


614 Calories

8.57 Pace 
Friday 01/04/16 

Rest Day
Saturday 02/04/16

45 Mins

5.12 Km

490 Calories

8.49 Average pace 
Sunday 03/04/16

Rest Day 

You will notice a lot of rest days last week. Unfortunately work was pretty full on so gym had to slide slightly. 

But you will also notice that on Thursday I ran for the first time at 8 km/h!! Milestone. I only did the last 5 mins of the run at this speed but it was a start. 

Since then I have made that speed my norm. Yay!

I tend to walk 5 mins at 6 km/h and then run for 5 mins at 8 km/h and repeat for the length of my treadmill work out. 

Some days I’ve run for 6,7 or 8 mins rather than just 5. It depends how shattered I am that day, or maybe I should say how motivated I am that day. 

So that’s 19.9 km on the tread last week. Happy days! That’s 12.37 miles apparently. 🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼

It’s also now April so many April salutations to you all. Here are the stats as they stand:

Weight: 15 stone 3 lbs

Body Fat: 29.4%

Water: 51.5%

BMI: 30.5

Haven’t lost very much weight last month. 7.5 lbs since Jan 1st which isn’t too bad. But feeling good! 



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