Week 14

This week contained National Siblings Day so in honour here’s a collection of selfies with my crazy siblings! 

This week’s run stats:

Monday 4/4/16

45 Mins

5.2 Km

500 Calories

8.41 Average pace
Saturday 9/4/16

65 Mins

7.07 Km

723 Calories 

9.13 Average pace
Sunday 10/4/16

45 Mins

5.43 Km

533 Calories 

8.20 Average pace 

That’s a total of 17.7 km which is pleasing. I was really pleased with Saturday’s run. Longest I’ve been on the treadmill for. And further distance. And most calories burnt! Chuffed! Sunday’s pace was a good one for me too. Happy days!

Although it was only 3 gym visits. I had an unexpected training day at work which messed up my gym-going. The training was really interesting and we laughed all the way there and back! 

We had an unexpected wait at the Severn Bridge. It was rush hour. But that 30 mins was filled with some hilarious snapping. Creased. If you want to chat on snap guys please feel free to add me! 

As a result of the very busy week I did have a couple of take always. Pizza one night which also became lunch the next day. Chinese Sat with my cousin and his wife who he as lovely. So weight wise not so good. But pleasure wise, right up there. 

But I have also been enjoying a salad for lunch most days! Love a bit of salad! I tried pineapple for the first time as an adult. Love it! Where has it been all my adult life!? I could never get passed the idea of fruit and cheese on a pizza. Just thought it was weird. Am now on board! 



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