Week 16

This week was somewhat of a milestone… my little brother turned 18!


What follows is a collage of some pics from the last couple of years. The reason for their inclusion will become clear.

So Matthew is now all grown up. Free to make his own decisions. The pictures that follow uphold that idea. I am of course referring to the hair.

It was a great night! Had gorgeous food at Pizzeria Vesuvios. I had chicken with a tomato sauce which had olives, capers and mushrooms. Delish! It was treat day after all. We then all went to Machynys Golf Club for a drink. Really liked it there. Glad Matty had an awesome birthday, and I’m pretty sure he liked his pressies!

Training has been good this week too. I had to have 3 rest days because of shifts and Matt’s birthday, but that’s ok. I lifted heavy whist at the gym and got in some cardio too. I managed arms, chest, legs and shoulders this week.

I got myself some new clothes too which was exciting. I tried loads on in H&M – of course I hated my life – but I did get one tee from there. I went into River Island for the first time in my life! I thought they were like an uber-fashionable-spice-boy-shop. And of course some of the clothes in there do cater for that demographic. But I was surprised to like a bunch of stuff in there. I bought 2 tees. Also, I got a bunch of Soap and Glory stuff from Boots, so I was smelling good, feeling good and looking good!

Retail therapy is a marvelous thing. It can actually make you feel good about yourself. Probably worth remembering that for those days that I am lower than I’d like – we all get those days!

And in weighing news… result! I weighed this morning and this week I have lost 3 lbs! Bringing me down to

14 stone 13 lbs

It just has to be the weights. Lifting weights is what I am doing differently. I am watching what I’m eating too so obviously it is that combination. Happy days!

I am not seeing very much difference in the mirror but I will.



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