Week 17 and 18

Apologies for the radio silence peeps! Let me explain.

I have had a pretty sporadic gym-life-balance for the last couple of weeks. Bank Holiday was mental busy at work and was actually exhausting. So the gym fell away.

The following week I got back in the zone with my writing. It has been a while! In case you didn’t know I am writing a novel atm. I’m actually writing the last chapter right now which is very exciting times. If you fancy a little read of it, or the accompanying blog I’ll pop the links in this post.

So I had a week off the gym because tbh I was exhausted. I wasn’t sleeping, I didn’t feel rested at all… so I took the week off and felt so much better for it. Then I did one arms session before another mental stretch at work and you know what, with life! It was my brother in law’s birthday so the family went out for a meal which was delish I must say! We went to the Beefeater and I had ribs and chicken with salad and fries, and I had a cookie-dough sundae for dessert which was shamazing.

These pics are from Tom’s last day 😭😭 I will miss him but he’s moving on to better things!

I’ve been working a fair bit this week too which leads us to today. Back at the gym this morning. Totally meant to train legs but the legs area was chocoblock! So I opted for some chest and back. That felt good.

I did:

Lat pull-downs / Chest Press / Seated Rows / Bench Press and a little 15 min Bike just to warm up.

Then I whisked myself away to Tesco and grabbed a bunch of chicken and veg and rice and have done a bit of meal prep for this weekend at work. I’m working for the next 4 days but I do have time for the gym after my shifts. So that’s my plan!

Have cooked some chicken breasts in Maggi BBQ papers which are just divine. Got some chipped sweet potato which I baked and I boiled up some broccoli. All healthy goodness! Also discovered in the freezers in Tesco they’ve got these microwaveable bags of wholemeal rice! So I’m looking forward to trying them! I will report back.

I think this blog post sort of epitomizes what I’ve told my nearest and dearest for a long time. Life is about balance. And for me, I am able to give my time and attention to most things in my life – but not all.

For example: I can be productive at work / social with my other half / gym…

But I won’t be able to write.

Other times I can rock at work / write / gym…

But I won’t see or spend much time with J.

I can’t quite get it right all the time. Right now I am trying to find that middle ground, you know?

This week I have seen my family for Dan’s birthday, I have been to the gym, J and I have been to the cinema (Bad Neighbours 2 is not as good as the first one but a great sequel that had me laughing out loud!), I have spent time meal prepping, I am about to do some more writing after this blog is live, and I will be rocking at work this weekend!

Balance achieved.






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