Week 19 – The Week of Change 

This is a week of change people!! A week of change! 

I had an awesome chat with my friend Tooz this week. She has really helped me focus my mind on a little thing I like to call nutrition. 

The simple fact is that without a healthy and balanced diet, all this work in the gym ain’t gonna mean a damn thing #Nomsayin 

So! We are going back to basics. Back to really, truly thinking about the food I’m going to eat. This will include a meal prep day for work eats and copious amounts of research on YouTube for meal ideas and tasty snacks etc. 

Above is a delightful chicken salad. I mean, you say chicken salad and it sounds dull and plain. This was anything but plain! 

Above is a steak salad. Basically using up the ingredients I had left over from the chicken salad. 

To work this week, I have taken chicken breasts which have been cooked in Maggi papers with broccoli and sweet potato wedges. I have snacked on pecans, fruit and Eat Well bars which are my new favourite thing. 

My other new favourite thing… LEGO Disney minifigures! Guys if you need cheering up or you just want to get your calm on, you have to indulge in a minifigure. Just go and buy one. It’s a little present from you to you. It’s exciting. It’s a surprise AND you then get to build something. What more could you possibly need in life?

I also have a new obsession… My first ever YouTube obsession… 

The Lean Machines. What a pair of blokes! A fantastic channel with loads of hints and tips, recipes, nutrition info, just generally really entertaining guys. 

They have already inspired me so much! Here’s the link to their YouTube page guys. Check them out! 

The Lean Machines YouTube Page
They are also across ALL social media so add them to your life! 

And in other news… I lost 1 lb this week! Down to 14 stone 12 lbs now. Boom! 


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