I just HAD to write this down 

I’m going to say this once so listen up. And I am of course talking to myself. 

You are laying in bed thinking about how lovely tonight was. You are also thinking about how you are going to have to hit the gym tomorrow to work off the food you ate. 

There’s nothing immediately wrong with that. In fact, you have successfully created a balance in your mind between food and exercise. For this you may pat yourself on the back. 


You are also feeling guilty. This guilt is because of the food you enjoyed. 

Stop it. 

No. Seriously. Stop it. 

Food does not mean guilt. 

A good time with food is exactly that. A good time!

These times should be cherished. So cherish them already! 

Block out that part of your mind that thinks that indulging in a feast with friends is something to feel guilty about. That is not healthy. That person talking to you is the devil on your shoulder. Not the food you enjoyed! 

Tonight you had fun. Hold on to that! 


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