Week 23 & 24

Well! What haven’t I eaten for the last 2 weeks!?

Guys I have completely lost focus. Obviously I’ve not been at my healthiest lately. But I’m not just taking about the sinusitis and the allergic reaction. 

Please see exhibits A-D…

Look, I know that I was ill and that genuinely did stop me from going to the gym. I was wiped out. And I couldn’t breathe. Hard to exercise without breathing. 

But I’ve been well enough to go back now for a couple of weeks. And I haven’t. I genuinely think this has happened…

Except it hasn’t just been 1 weekend… There have been times when I’ve had a mouth full of chocolate when I’d already had more than enough that day, whilst my hand was in the biscuit tin. 

I think I may have become a victim to a sugar addiction. 


Tomorrow J and I are going to Bristol for a couple of days. We are going to see the Nashville concert (yay y’all!) and going for nice food and a good old shop. 

Once our mini break is done I will be back on it. Time to start really thinking about how I’m fuelling my body again. And, obviously, gym. 

I miss the gym. There I said it. Really looking forward to getting back to it. 

In other news I am thoroughly enjoying re-reading The Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz. Nightrise so far was much much better than I remember. In fact it might now be my favourite! If you haven’t read them give them a try! What’s everyone else reading right now?

Hope everyone’s diet/gym is going better than mine has been. Keep up the good work and send some inspiration my way!


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  1. You got this! Enjoy your trip, but know that the gym misses you too!

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