Five years ago.

Matthew, Emily and I, 22nd April 2011

The reason I chose this picture, and always do choose this picture when discussing my weight-loss, is not only to direct your gaze to the size of me, but because at the time, I thought this picture was good. A great one, in fact. I had it framed.

Denial is a real thing. So is perspective.

Three years ago.

These were the last pictures of me before I took the plunge. Again at my brother’s birthday party, and again, look at the size of me.

It was a Sunday night. I was in bed reading about Weight Watchers and I just clicked SIGN UP. It wasn’t premeditated. It was an impulse. I became an online member and started my weight-loss journey. I faced the scales.

19 stone 4 lbs

In my first week I lost a stone. Seriously.

I spent a good 3 months changing my diet. I learned so much about food. For me, the biggest culinary challenge was finding ways to still eat meals with my fiance, but changing things up on my plate to coincide with my Pro Points allowance.

After those first 3 months I had a much deeper understanding about the food I was eating, and indeed how I should’ve been eating for years. I understood the diet part. But my weight-loss plateaued.

15th August 2013

Exercise began. I dusted off an exercise bike from my parent’s attic and jumped on it every day. Every day. I started to go walking. Brisk walks on the beautiful Welsh coastline every day. Every day! I’d meet up with my parents or my friends and we’d just walk and talk. It was great. Social and got the heart rate up.

Our daily walks culminated in climbing Pen-Y-Fan mountain in the Brecon Beacons. It was somewhat a milestone for me. I had managed to lose enough weight and gained enough fitness and confidence to attempt the climb. I was very proud of myself. Still am.

1 Year Ago

A little over a year ago I was at my smallest.

14 stone 3 lbs

Over the next year the weight crept back on. I made some changes in my life professionally and it was a bit of a rocky road. Not that that’s an excuse, but it’s a factor which I cannot ignore. It was a year of less exercise (though I joined a gym!) and less consideration when it came to what to put on my plate.

It’s not that I disregarded everything that I had learned whilst dieting, but more like a long line of baby steps away from using that knowledge. And before I knew it…

15 stone 11.5 lbs

So here we are today. Heavier. Rounder. But making a change.


This is a blog about weight-loss. It’s my journey through life, food and exercise.



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